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  Understanding Dental Fees

  To learn more about dental fees and dental benefits visit the Dental Fee Guide FAQs

Dentists are focused on providing you with individual care to support your dental and overall health. Understanding how those costs are established will help you make the best decisions for your health.

The costs related to operating a dental office are the dentist’s responsibility. For dentists, these costs include capital costs, rent, dental instruments, staff salaries, equipment, computers and other materials. While the cost of operating a dental practice in Alberta may be higher than other provinces, a comparison of dental fees for common procedures across the provinces shows that some procedures are more expensive while some are less.

Dental services are highly individualized and the cost may vary from person to person. For example, cleaning the teeth of a person who eats healthy foods, brushes and flosses after eating will take less time compared to the teeth of a person who smokes and is not as diligent in brushing.

If you’re unclear about anything with regard to your proposed treatment or costs, ask your dentist.

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