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The Alberta Dental Association is the official voice for Alberta dentists.

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Lucas Warren

Albertans Continue to Qualify for Canadian Dental Care Plan

In response to the ADA’s call for clarity, the Province has confirmed that Albertans remain eligible to qualify for and receive care under the CDCP.

Alberta Dentists Seek Clarity and Consultation on Provincial Opt-Out

Statement from the Alberta Dental Association on Premier Danielle Smith’s June 25, 2024, letter opting out of the Canadian Dental Care Plan.

Canadian Dental Association Urges Swift Action by Federal Government on Remaining Issues in Canadian Dental Care Plan

Over the past months, CDA and PTDAs have provided Health Canada with expert advice on how to best shape CDCP to make it work for patients and providers.

An Inquiring Mind

A profile of clinician, academic and University of Alberta post-graduate researcher Dr. Devarasa Murugeshappa

The Best Job in the World

U of A Dental Students’ Association President
Jason Adam is ready for a career in dentistry

Making a Difference for Dentists

Dr. Jenny Doerksen knows the power of embracing different ideas, collaboration, and pushing for greater outcomes.

Your thoughts on the Canadian dental plan

ADA President Dr. Jenny Doerksen joined the CBC’s Alberta at Noon program to discuss the CDCP.

Dentists hesitant to join Canadian Dental Plan, cite “contracts with unknown terms and conditions”

The CDCP is set to start providing coverage in May, but there are concerns that not enough dentists will enroll to provide care to the seniors that have signed up already.

Alberta dentists react to federal program

With a federal dental plan rolling out next month Alberta dentists say they still have questions.

The end of the beginning

Dr. Bruce Yaholnitsky reflects on his term as the first President of the Alberta Dental Association.